Director / Producer Showreel

Spanning live action, animation and documentary genres, this reel showcases a batch of my favourite scenes and key shots from films I've directed and produced. WARNING: Features some gore, mild nudity & gratuitous whimsy

VFX & Post Production Showreel

My first job in the film industry was as a VFX artist at Framestore. During this time I had a chance to work on over a dozen feature films including entries in the James Bond, Narnia and Harry Potter franchises, as well as The Dark Knight. Since then I've continued to develop my skills in compositing, VFX supervision, animation, editing and colour grading. I'm particularly fond of designing sequences which blend practical and digital effects, so that the final shot has a convincing and tangible quality.

Brands & Corporate Showreel

I've created a wide variety of video content for brands including Lego, Adidas, De Beers, Rolls Royce, M&S, Skoda and Nissan. These have required me to juggle creative and logistical challenges with macro lenses, steadi-cam, drones and hidden cameras. Not to mention wrangling animals, kids or high profile interviewees such as Roger Daltrey, Dominic West, Hugh Bonneville, Michael Portillo, Bradley Wiggins and Sadiq Khan.

JWR Clients 2019


Casual Violence Comedy

Funded via fans on Patreon, I create sinister, surreal, silly, FREE comedic short films every month. If you enjoy them, subscribing to the Casual Violence Youtube channel and sharing them on social media helps us keep the lights on. You can also become one of our loyal patrons (+ get cool bonus material) by chipping in as little as 70p per month via

"Ho Ho Hilarious! Comedy geniuses Casual Violence are behind this beautiful behind-the-scenes vid, and tbh folks, their other material is pretty LOLtastic too" - Comedy Central

Prior Engagement

Ever made a promise like this, in case you're still single by the time you hit a certain age?

"Whatever you're doing right now, stop it. Go and Google Casual Violence, watch their sketches and enjoy. Dark, twisted and superb" - The Skinny

Violent Night Trilogy

Three short films of seasonal evil, because there's nothing more grotesque than Christmas!

"James has been a breeze to work with, and the strength of his directing is evident in the response to The Grot In The Grotto on our ALTER platform. With over 100k views, the film has entertained our community, with many commenting on it's originality. We can't wait to release James' next film later this year!" - Sophie Carroll, Gunpowder & Sky

Trivia Livestream Goes Wrong

A popular live-streamed quiz game app goes very wrong for its presenter

Wolf Of The West End: Vice Documentary

I produced and co directed this episode of Vice’s flagship UK documentary strand Rule Britannia. In 2014, convicted fraudster and infamous British socialite "Lord" Edward Davenport was released early from prison under controversial circumstances. Wolf Of The West End has been broadcast on Viceland, and has over 1.2 million Youtube views.

"This is both an intimate portrait of a notorious enigma of a man, and the frenzy that lies in his wake, "Wolf Of The West End" charters unprecedented territory in its depiction of perversion in the upper echelons of British society"
★★★★ -


Lightbox: Lab Grown Diamonds

I directed, produced, edited and graded this science-driven "Lightbox" lab-grown diamonds promo for De Beers Group. The launch received extensive worldwide press coverage, with many articles featuring the images we captured.

"Working with James was a delight. He has a particular combination of creativity and technical skill, which delivered excellence for our project. The cinematography throughout is polished and imaginative, thanks to DOP Chris stone and James working well together as a creative unit. They oversaw a complicated shoot combining laboratory locations with studio close-ups of diamonds (a product notoriously difficult to shoot). His initial edit was elegant and throughout the final stages of refinement, he responded to input in a highly professional and productive way, adopting ideas if they improved the story-telling, pushing back where change was unhelpful. I hope we get to work together again" - David Lamb, De Beers Group

MAG International - Nigeria Campaign

I assembled this landmines charity film at the Academy award-winning production company Grain Media. I used documentary photographer Sean Sutton's striking b&w photos as the base of my motion graphics. Please help spread the word about this important SpeakUp4Nigeria campaign. There's also further coverage in The Guardian.

EFG London Jazz Festival

I produced and edited this interview and promo for Serious Live Music to promote the EFG London Jazz Festival.

"James delivered exactly what we required, in excellent time with superb attention to detail. We were really pleased with how he took our basic ideas and turned them into something truly creative, engaging and dynamic"
- Liz Skipper, Head of Devolopment, Serious

ŠKODA: Reconnect Robbie

Working with ŠKODA, Bradley Wiggins and award-winning agency Frank PR, I crafted this logistically complex hidden camera sequence. The goal was to reconnect London-based Robbie Smith with his family from Australia.

ŠKODA: Reconnect Ray

Following the campaign launch with Robbie, ŠKODA invited their customers to take part using #SKODAReconnectMe. The Reconnect fund helped people who had lost touch with a favourite hobby, person or place that meant the world to them. In this case we meet Ray and his family

The Blood Crows

A trailer for a novel in Simon Scarrow’s popular Cato and Macro series. I overcame the tight schedule and budget by accurately pre-visualising the lighting and framing of every VFX shot. I was then able to accurately merge 200fps greenscreen treadmill footage of actors with CGI scenery.

Iced - TV Ad

"I love it, from conception to presentation. These guys rock!" - Karen Marie Moning

Quicksilver - TV Ad

A 30" TV ad for Quicksilver slot games. It follows the journey of a coin entering the online casino world via a home computer screen, then returning with the jackpot payout. Featuring neon-tinted CGI and a distinctive voiceover from "X Factor Man" Peter Dickson.


A trailer for Karin Slaughter's gritty crime novel. It concludes with an intricate VFX shot, revealing the protagonist's POV as she catches her own reflection in a mirror.

The quality of the production surpasses anything we’ve seen in the marketplace. We are thrilled with the results - Random House

The Kill Room

A moody animated promo for the latest in acclaimed author Jeffery Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme series.

One of the most reliable and professional people we work with. It’s no wonder James' work is so highly valued - Bob Palmer, Creative Director HYPVideo

The Rise Of Nine

A trailer for an NY Times #1 best-selling "I Am Number Four" book. The series spawned a feature film produced by Michael Bay


I'm not a graphic designer. Yet I often end up... well, designing graphics. However, these are all in collaboration with other artists. I come up with the idea, sketch it out, then hand it over for them to actually make it presentable. These artists are credited in the captions accompanying each image...